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Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO

2020/2021 Annual Program


Director's Message

Dear friends, 


Even though we have been facing unexperienced adversity of pandemics named COVID-19 for more than one and half years, we have had a very successful year thanks to the dedication of the wonderful active board members whom tirelessly worked and supported SDB directly and indirectly during 9 months scheduled programs. 


Vaccination against this widespread disease was believed to be the effective solution but recent prevailing DELTA or other variants are casting dark

shadows over diminishing the quite annoying pandemics all

over the world. However, we have started feeling like bored

staying home limiting our activities to household chores and

shoppings. We need to be positive while taking all the

precautions to protect ourselves and loved ones and get

involving in social and cultural activities and shouldn’t

forget that Ikebana is the nutrition to the mind and soul. 


I look forward to serving the members of Sogetsu

Dallas Branch throughout May,2022. 

Please take care and stay healthy. 


Amira Matsuda 


Sogetsu Dallas Branch