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    We have an exciting year planned with new additions to our activities and a new location for our monthly meetings and workshops. What better place to meet than the Free New Classroom at NORTH HAVEN GARDENS, a garden center with everything a flower/garden enthusiast could wish for? If you have been unable to attend these past few years, we encourage you to join us to renew your ikebana spirit and improve your skills. There will be something for all levels of students, and guests are always welcome.

    I desire to see a vibrant, connected branch embracing the most important Japanese concept, harmony with each other through our mutual love of flowers and Ikebana. I hope to enable you to express your desire and support for the Dallas Branch by encouraging you to implement your ideas for a better tomorrow.


    Let’s always keep in mind the importance of harmony and friendship.



    Sue C. Smith

    Director 2022-2024

    Sogetsu Dallas Branch